Kagilum is a French company, born from the conviction that we can put Human and Value foward in the world of business through Agile methods. Thus we promote Agile methods in companies through 3 axes:

  • Placing people at the center of organizations. Focusing on individuals their interactions is one of the 4 values of the "Agile manifesto".
  • Providing teams with a simple, comprehensive and meaningful project management tool for the daily implementation of Agile methods.
  • Making facilitation in Agile ceremonies easier.


8 impasse Bonnet
31500 Toulouse

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A true Agile project management tool
  • Manage Scrum Teams
  • Easily create and manage your backlog
  • Track progress
  • Collaborative dashboard
Find Agile coaches, trainings and jobs
  • Meet Agile experts (Scrum, Kanban, SAFe…)
  • Find the perfect training (Scrum, SAFe, Management 3.0)
  • Get certified Scrum.org
All you need in your Agile rituals
  • Frame your Agiles meetings
  • Improve your team’s communication
  • Design, compact and convenient